What are wood pellets? What are the benefits? Are they renewable? What about delivery?
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From forest to fuel - delivering clean, green, heat

In a world of dwindling resources and rising fuel costs many of us are looking for alternative ways of heating our homes, offices and workplaces. Biomass, in the form of wood pellets, offers a timely and convenient solution. They are a highly calorific, renewable fuel which can be burned with high efficiency in a range of suitable appliances and represent a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Local and sustainable

Duffield Wood Pellets manufacture and supply premium quality wood pellets at our purpose built plant in Melmerby, North Yorkshire. Our pellets are produced from locally sourced, 100% virgin timber, with no recycled or chemically treated timber being used. Furthermore, as well as being manufactured to meet current EN standards. In addition, we aim to sell our pellets within our local region, keeping carbon mileage low.

Experience counts!

Part of a family business with over fifty years of trading experience in the UK and international timber industry Duffield Wood Pellets retain a high level of ability and expertise in the logistics of timber acquisition, processing and supply. We have a successful record of delivering biomass fuel to a variety of high-usage installations and are able to offer a responsive and flexible service to quickly meet changing client needs.

Meeting renewable energy targets

Duffield Wood Pellets fully endorse the ongoing development of a sustainable biomass fuel infrastructure and supply chain within the UK. Our philosophy and operations are in accord with the UK Government's Renewable Energy Strategy, which includes a commitment to meeting a target of 15% of UK energy coming from renewable sources by 2020.

Supportive funding for this project was made available through the Rural Development Programme for England, jointly funded by Defra and the European Union, and managed by Yorkshire Forward in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

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RHI pays to heat with wood:

The UK Government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, details of which were published on 10 March 2011, is to offer payments to qualifying installations per kWh of heat generated, for up to 20 years... read more

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Our premium wood pellets:

Manufactured to current EN standards, with low moisture content, high calorific value and minimal ash residue after combustion, they can be purchased loose in bulk or bagged... read more

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Plan for pellet delivery:

Consider delivery vehicle access to your site and how fuel will be transferred. Choose a higher capacity store to take advantage of lower bulk rates and delivery charges... read more

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